Astrid Jones singer

Astrid Jones singer

I started as a singer in the Soul and R&B scene in Madrid, although my first jobs were within the musical theatre, in the shows: El Musical de Broadway and Canciones de Disney from Musikanz Company, I performed with them in the “Teatro Nuevo Apolo” and “Teatro Lara de Madrid”. While I was growing in the music, I started some works as actress from my collaboration as vocal coach in theater.

I have always been attracted to music in general, but specially to Soul, Jazz, Gospel, Reggae, and African rhythms. I began to collaborate in the projects of the most representatives performers and bands from these genres of the musical scene at a national level (Alex Ikot Band, Chojin, Cañaman, Ras Kuko, Mad Sensi Band, Mama Boogie, Morodo & Okoumé Lions, Gospel Factory…)

I wanted to have my own band. So, I created AstridNacho & Alex Ikot, an acoustic soul trio that played soul covers and some of our own compositions.

When this adventure came to an end, the producer Carlos Coupé asked me to be the singer and the song writer of Wondertronix, a Soulfull disco project with which we released only one album, that was also called Wondertronix.

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Among all this, I was part of Gospel Factory (a wonderful gospel choir directed by Dani Reus), besides performing in our own shows, in Christmas campaigns and dubbing of musical movies such as The Muppets, The Beauty And The Beast, etc. I have also worked as backing singer with artists such as Marta Sánchez, Pitingo, Beatriz Luengo, Alejandro Sanz, Melendi or Raphael, on tours, gigs and recording sessions. Nowadays, I still work for some of them.

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The desire endured to have my own band, so I began to create my personal project, Astrid Jones & The Blue Flaps. In 2013 we released a two-singles vinyl record with the magazine Enlace Funk, that gave us the chance to make our first public appearance to take our first steps and to be known, and in 2014, we put out our first LP, called “Stand Up”. And what a joy it was!

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At the moment, I’m part of a lovely tribute to Aretha Franklin called Aretha Soul Divas & The Silverbacks…

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…and now and then, I dive into the Motown universe with the Motown Live Ensemble.

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Astrid Jones & The Blue Flaps

I wanted to have my own band… and I made it.
Now that I have it, I want you to know, that it is my true self made music and that I am deeply thankful for all the experiences I have lived to be the singer I am today and for bringing to life my most precious project.

“Every morning I can see those changes
People that fight for a better day
They do believe that there’s still a chance”
Stand Up by Astrid Jones & The Blue Flaps

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    Astrid Jones singer

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