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The essence of singing is based on freeing the voice so it can express all its fullness, being able to connect with others through all the emotions in which it moves.

A free voice, it is a voice that flows without any obstacles going from the inside to the outside, with only one purpose: to send out a message that can be listened to. And when the voice intention is clear and sincere, the transforming effect on others is inevitable.

When we free our voices through singing, in some way we are liberating what the soul wants to tell us, the most intimate and personal feeling that echoes inside of us. Our true essence turns into music through our voice.

The connection with our essence is the biggest act of honesty that we can stage. To share it with others is the most generous act we can perform. To do that with our singing voice is one of the most beautiful exercises that we can put into practice. And that is the main objective of my lessons and courses: that every participant is able to sing from the essence of their voice.

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Workshop with students of Musicology in the Autónoma University of Madrid.

Workshops, courses and singing classes (in person and online)

My experience as singer and actress has allowed me to explore the vocal universe from different perspectives, and that is what I would like to share with you.

Individual classes:
These classes are for all those who want to explore and go deep in their vocal abilities.
Group classes
Connect with your vocal abilities accompanied and develop your qualities while you learn with your classmates.
Courses "The voice of your essence"
Connect with the true essence of your voice and its possibilities. With these 4 weeks course you will experience a real progress through vocal technique, active listening, and interpretation from emotion, with the method I have developed based on my experience as a professional singer.
Group class of the course: “The essence of your voice”
Watch video: Vocal practice of the course: “The essence of your voice”
If you are a company or a school and you want to complement the training of your employees or of your students with my concept of singing as a communication tool and as an artistic expression I have a proposal for you.
Watch video: Workshop in the Autónoma University of Madrid


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